Vice President of Internal Affairs

The duties of the Vice President of Internal Affairs shall be:

  • To keep and make public minutes and record attendance of the GPSA Assembly meetings
  • To serve as liaison with campus publications, including Synapse, the student newspaper, and write reports as necessary
  • To oversee the formation of, chair as necessary, and appoint student representation on GPSA committees to conduct GPSA business. Committees including but are not limited to Events, Special Interests, Dual Degree & Self Supporting
  • To nominate student representation on campus-wide committees (excluding diversity-related committees) for GPSA Assembly Approval. Committees including but are not limited to: Academic Senate, Campus Community Centers Advisory Committee, Chancellor's Advisory Committee on Sustainability, Housing Committee, Library Learning Commons Committee, Student Services Fee Advisory Committee, Transportation Advisory Committee
  • To hold a quarterly meeting with umbrella Registered Campus Organizations (RCOs) in order to coordinate RCO events on campus
  • To facilitate the dissemination information about RCO events to the campus
  • To serve as Election Chairperson
  • To review and maintain hard copy of Robert’s Rules of Order
  • To assume the duties and responsibilities of the President in the President's absence
  • To transition the next Vice President of Internal Affairs by asking him/her to attend the last meeting of the academic year and explaining his/her role and responsibilities during the last month of the current Vice President of Internal Affairs’ term
  • Shall attend the last GPSA meeting of the academic year prior to assuming his/her seat