Academic Council

The GPSA Academic Council shall be comprised of student representation from the Graduate Division, Physical Therapy, School of Dentistry, School of Medicine, School of Nursing, and  School of Pharmacy. The Academic Council representatives will be appointed by the respective academic specific student government.

  • Medicine Representative
  • Pharmacy Representative
  • Dentistry Representative
  • Nursing Representative
  • Physical Therapy Representative
  • Social Sciences Representative
  • Basic Sciences Representative

The duties of the Academic Representatives shall be:

  • To be a line of communication between constituents, school and/or program, student organizations, and academic administrators
  • To ascertain the interests, needs and priorities of graduate students in his or her academic unit and to act as their representative to the GPSA Assembly
  • To inform their graduate student community of issues which may affect them and of activities in which they may wish to participate
  • To meet with academic administrators in their particular schools and/or programs to communicate needs and update administrators on GPSA Assembly business
  • To sit on at least two of the following: a GPSA committee, a workgroup, or a campus or system wide committee on behalf of the GPSA Assembly