The duties of the President shall be:

  • To serve as a representative and advocate for the GPSA Assembly and all UCSF students
  • To prepare the agenda and to conduct meetings of the GPSA Assembly
  • To supervise the routine operations of the GPSA Assembly
  • To serve as liaison between the GPSA Assembly and administration of the University
  • To correspond and meet regularly with the Chancellor, Vice Chancellors, and Deans concerning the activities of the GPSA Assembly and the needs of UCSF students
  • To provide a “State of the Union” address conveying the mission and goals of the GPSA Assembly for the academic year
  • To serve as a liaison to the entire UCSF community
  • To respond to issues that arise involving the welfare of UCSF students
  • To transition the next President-elect by asking him/her to attend the last meeting of the academic year and explaining his/her role and responsibilities during the last month of the current President’s term
  • Shall attend the last GPSA meeting of the academic year prior to assuming his/her seat