Vice President of Diversity Affairs

The duties of the Vice President of Diversity Affairs shall be:

  • To coordinate programs and initiatives promoting growth of diverse student populations
  • To hold a quarterly meeting with diversity-related Registered Campus Organizations (RCOs) in order to coordinate RCO events on campus
  • To facilitate the dissemination of information about diversity-related RCO events and resources
  • To nominate student representation on campus committees which pertain to campus diversity for GPSA Assembly Approval. Committees include but are not limited to, Campus Committee on Family Services, Committee on Disability Issues, Committee on Diversity, Committee on GLBT, Committee on the Status of Women, Council on Campus Climate, Culture, and Inclusion, Student Health and Counseling Advisory Committee
  • To communicate regularly with the Office of Diversity and Outreach, the Multicultural Resource Center, the LGBT Resource Center, First Generation Support Services, and International Students and Scholars Office and report back to GPSA Assembly on the state of diversity initiatives, support, and resources
  • To hear student grievances that may arise regarding campus diversity issues and to make recommendations to the GPSA Assembly concerning their adjudication
  • To transition the next Vice President of Diversity Affairs by asking him/her to attend the last meeting of the academic year and explaining his/her role and responsibilities during the last month of the current Vice President of Diversity Affairs’ term
  • Shall attend the last GPSA meeting of the academic year prior to assuming his/her seat