Vice President of Finance

The duties of the Vice President of Finance shall be:

  • To prepare the current year’s budget for presentation at the first GPSA Assembly meeting
  • To present a summary of the financial activities of the GPSA Assembly at every meeting
  • To represent the GPSA Assembly in financial dealings with the University and other campus entities
  • To chair the Student Services Fee Advisory Committee and prepares GPSA’s annual Student Services Fee Budget proposal
  • To serve on the Council of Student Fees
  • To prepare the GPSA guidelines for funding for Registered Campus Organizations (RCOs)
  • To supervise the administration of the GPSA Assembly funds according to the Bylaws and procedures established by GPSA Assembly and in conjunction with UCSF Controller’s Office
  • To hear student grievances that may arise in the administration of the GPSA funds and to make recommendations to the GPSA Assembly concerning their adjudication
  • To review and periodically update the administrative procedures of the funds
  • To be the signatory for the GPSA Assembly account
  • To prepare a preliminary budget for the following year to guide the next Vice President of Finance and present it at last meeting of the term
  • To transition the next Vice President of Finance by asking him/her to attend the last meeting of the academic year and explaining his/her role and responsibilities during the last month of the current Vice President of Finance’s term
  • Shall attend the last GPSA meeting of the academic year prior to assuming his/her seat