Student Leadership Forum on Diversity and Inclusion

The Student Leadership Forum on Diversity and Inclusion, started in 2015, is an interprofessional student-led event coordinated by student representatives across all the professional schools and Graduate Division. This forum brings UCSF leadership and students together for a dynamic discussion to amplify and address equity and inclusion efforts impacting historically marginalized and underrepresented students with the purpose of collectively moving us forward in transforming conditions that improve students' experience at our institution.

Traditionally, this event is organized by the Vice President of Diversity of GPSA in collaboration with student leaders from various RCOs, including but not limited to Scientists 4 Diversity and the Interprofessional Diversity and Equity Alliance. The Multicultural Resource Center (Office of Diversity and Outreach) and Student Life (Student Academic Affairs) are the anchor campus partners that advise and support these organizations. If you have any questions, please contact Melisa Bautista, [email protected] (Assistant Director, Multicultural Resource Center) and Jennifer Rosko, [email protected] (Director, Student Life).

2021 Student Leadership Forum
Fourth Annual, February 18, 2021 [replay] [article]

2020 Student Leadership Forum
Third Annual, February 13, 2020 [replay]

2019 Student Leadership Forum
Second Annual, January 31, 2019 [replay] [article]

2018 Student Leadership Forum
Inaugural Forum, March 8, 2018  [article]