Joining a committee to represent students and the GPSA is one of the many ways to get involved in student government. 

Committee List

  • AAUCSF Student-Alumni Engagement Committee
  • CCE Service Learning Committee
  • Center for Community Engagement Council
  • Committee on the Status of Women
  • Council on Campus Climate, Culture, and Inclusion (4CI)
  • Housing Advisory Committee
  • Library and Scholarly Communications
  • Library Student Advisory Committee
  • Police Community Advisory Board
  • Student Health Advisory Committee
  • Student Services Fee Advisory Committee
  • UCSF Committee on Disability Inclusion
  • UCSF LGBTQ Committee
  • UCSF Voter Engagement Workgroup

Committee Member Responsibilities

  • Present summary of committee meetings at GPSA monthly meeting
  • Review committee meeting topics with constituents & GPSA to gather student input prior to committee meeting
  • Bring forth any concerns/suggestions GPSA wishes the committee would consider
  • Request input from GPSA assembly when committee requests vote or advice on policies that affect students
  • Notify GPSA if he/she can not attend committee meeting and find student to attend meeting in their place