Joining a committee to represent students and the GPSA is one of the many ways to get involved in student government. If interested, please contact GPSA.

Committees Currently Seeking Student Reps
The following campus committees are currently seeking student representation. Please email GPSA if you are interested in serving on any of the following:

  • Service/ Community Engaged Learning Committee: Facilitates and promotes service learning opportunities campus wide with our academic and community partners.
    • i. Promoting service learning as a core value and core practice at UCSF
    • ii. Provide guidance to institutional and community stakeholders on best practices and principles in community engaged learning/service learning.
    • iii. Facilitating increased service learning opportunities at all UCSF schools (including coordinating Bridges curriculum around community engagement efforts).
    • iv. Advocating a requirement for all students at all UCSF schools to have some SL experience v. Ensuring reciprocal learning with the community.
    • vi. Ensuring community representation and engagement at all planning/implanting levels of our service learning work.
    • vii. Meeting Time: Once every two months for 1.5 hours
  • Center for Community Engagement Council: Serves in a decision-making and policy-making role to CCE and advises UCSF leadership.
    • i. To promote a culture of civic/community engagement and partnership between UCSF and the community.
    • ii. To serve as an ongoing liaison between CCE and the San Francisco Bay Area communities (and beyond).
    • iii. To provide expertise in specific areas such as research, policy development, community development and communications to name a few
    • iv. To guide CCE in raising support for the core focal areas – community engaged research, community health planning and policy development, community engaged learning and economic inclusion/anchor institution
    • v. Meeting Time: Once every two months on a Thursday, 4-6pm

Committee List

  • AAUCSF Student-Alumni Engagement Committee
  • Campus Campus Community Advisory Council (CCAC)
  • CCE Partnership Grants Committee
  • CCE Research Committee
  • CCE Service (Community Engaged) Learning Committee
  • Center for Community Engagement (CCE) Council
  • Chancellor's Council
  • Committee on Education Technology
  • Committee for Family Services
  • Committee on Library and Scholarly Communication
  • Council on Campus Climate, Culture, and Inclusion (4CI)
  • Housing Advisory Committee
  • Library Advisory Committee
  • Student Financial Aid Committee
  • Student Health Advisory Committee (SHAC)
  • Student Services Fee Advisory Committee
  • Transportation Advisory Committee
  • UCSF Advisory Committee on Sustainability
  • UCSF Committee on Disability Inclusion
  • UCSF LGBTQ Committee
  • UCSF Committee on the Status of Women
  • UCSF Public Safety & Emergency Management Advisory Group
  • UCSF Wellbeing Committee

Committee Member Responsibilities

  • Present summary of committee meetings at GPSA monthly meeting
  • Review committee meeting topics with constituents & GPSA to gather student input prior to committee meeting
  • Bring forth any concerns/suggestions GPSA wishes the committee would consider
  • Request input from GPSA assembly when committee requests vote or advice on policies that affect students
  • Notify GPSA if he/she can not attend committee meeting and find student to attend meeting in his/her place